3 April 2014

She saw the stars on gravestones, and sung the sky in blood

An outfit from a few days ago, on a spring walk before entering the red seats of the cinema. I'm heavily addicted to ranger looks again, big hoods, boots and simple black forms have covered most of my days. The cloak has been almost glued to my shoulders, it's the perfect shield for prawling the woods or running busy errands! 

Spring is definitely my least-favourite season, but I can't help but loving nature just before it starts to bloom. It's so stagnant, with all the shades of grey and brown mixed up in a wonderfully bleak palette.

Ovate cloak / bag & shoes flea market / leggings from my sister 

And about the cinema. We went to see Only Lovers Left Alive, and both liked it very much! A rare treat for any artsy or vampire film lover. The film was beautifully shot, with a dreamy slow pace that's best for the days when you need some slow drama in your life. It's worth watching for the performances of Hiddleston and Swinton alone, I find it rare to see believable romance on the silver screen and both were so compelling in their roles. And beyond beautiful!

Extra points for the mentions of Kit Marlowe and Nikola Tesla! (I always get childishly excited when someone mentions Tesla!) Also one of the best things about the film was that it didn't underestimate the intelligence of its viewers, which usually is a common flaw in the modern vampire film pool. Only Lovers Left Alive was slow, clever and shamelessly stylish, and I think the drowsy scenes fit the immortal life perfectly. Not my favourite vampire film, but still a very good one.

The film really made me want to listen to melancholic Arabic-influenced music and travel to see the decay of DetroitSome films just cling to the back of your head for days after you've seen them, like a tangible dream. Do you ever get the same feeling, thinking about a film for days, different twists and camera angles, and all that could have been? 

24 March 2014

Darling, the only ghoul in the house is you

dress WIDOW Funeral Society dress / pumps from a friend / tights Pamela Mann / 
bracelet a gift from Dahlia Deranged / heart necklace MoonRavenDesigns

For days now I've dipped myself soul-deep in Sylvia Plath and tried to chase away the all too familiar spring gloom. On the vanity side I've twisted my hair in a vintage flair, worn light dresses that are too cold for the season and sharpened my nails. Both literally and figuratively.

If I could have three (practical) little wishes for today, I'd wish that my computer would stop dying so I could finish some projects, the ability to spin more threads into the web of time and my future plans to clear up a little more. It's exhilarating and frustrating at the same time, to have your life board upside down and all the pieces scattered around, without any certainty of how exactly the pieces will regroup. I don't know what tomorrow brings or what will happen next month, but things have a tendency of turning out like they should! Luckily so. I just need to be very patient this spring. Not my redeeming quality, but I'll do my best!

8 March 2014

Helbf14 outfit

Hello there, I've been lost in time and space for a while. Here's a look from last weekend's Helsinki burlesque festival, brought to you by my camera phone, so the quality is what it is. The theme for this year's festivities was Tropical Tornado, not the easiest theme when you glance at my wardrobe's oh-so colorful view, so imagination had to try some little magic tricks here and there! But venomous insects and black velvet nights are very tropical, right? 

(the spider in the hat is a gift from Bodyjewelleryshop, other things are old second hand purchases and DIY.)

I didn't have a photo pass for the festival and there's only so much a phone can do, so instead of photographing I concentrated wholeheartedly on enjoying the brilliant shows and working. We had a part in taking care of VIP lounges with my friend, felt so nice to help even a little. I wish I could come up with something else than simple words like "amazing" or "awesome" to portray the stage numbers, but you'd have to see them for yourselves to catch the magic. Loads of respect for the performers, so much love and creativity had been poured into those acts and it showed.

Each year the festival gets bigger, but still somehow succeeds in maintaining a warm atmosphere. Madly imaginative costumes and beautiful, beautiful people. I can't even begin to think how many exotic hair flowers were on the venue this year, but I sure thought about counting them at one point! So glad for meeting some of my readers there, I hope to see you there next year as well! 

14 February 2014

Valentine's (giveaway)!

The day of all hearts is upon us again. Love is a wondrous thing, but when I think of love I always extend my heart to star-crossed lovers and the tragedies as well. So it feels only fitting that when I started painting a Valentine's image, it came out with a ghostly appearance and arrows of cupid sunken deep in the body. (But it does have something pink to sweeten up the concoction!) So, here's the Ghost of Valentines past, my little Valentine's Day card to you.

She's also the prize of this giveaway!
If you wish to win her, follow these steps:

♥. Type a comment with your email address below this post. 

♥♥. In the comment, tell me something that you love about yourself! A physical feature, a mental quality, both, anything. :) Women especially spend way too much time bashing themselves for no reason, so I would really love to hear positive comments! There's beauty in everyone, I'm sure of it, so why not share it?

♥♥♥. Don't forget the email address!

You don't necessarily need to be my reader through Blogger or other portals to participate, although that would be kind and highly appreciated. The giveaway is open to international readers as well. You have time to enter until Monday morning. Good luck! 

/EDIT: The lucky winner of the painting is Erised! Congratulations, you have a letter waiting for you in the email box! 

4 February 2014

Cloaked in winter

Winter walk outfit from the other day, accompanied by crackling veins, levitating hair and -20°C.
Had my villainess boots, winter cloak and at least five layers of tights on, 
not to mention the amount of scarves and other layers beneath the cloak!
Winter makes all northeners wizards in the craft of layering.

hoodie Ovate / cloak and all other clothes thrifted, from charity & second hand shops / boots eBay / bag vintage

I've been busy again, rearranging things in life mostly. I carried a huge amount of robes, books and home decor to the local flea market yesterday, and will likely list some things on eBay too in the near future. I'm on a steadfast saving quest at the moment, as my camera is breaking down and the laptop I'm using has half of its circuits in the grave. The downright otherworldly noises it creates make me a little fearful for the future of my blogging, haha! It's a wonder how all gadgets break down at the exact same time, as if they had a secret electronic conspiracy to get their host in trouble at the worst of times. But otherwise I'm in a good mood, working on a few small projects that I can't wait to show you!